Sletrokor review: The Weight Loss Supplement of the Year

Weight loss pills come in several unique varieties from metabolism boosters, appetite suppressors, and many others, all with varying formulas. Some supplements are well-rounded enough to help support weight loss through different forms, resulting in maximized results.

Sletrokor for example is one such supplement that is intended for multi-targeted weight loss.

The criteria to consider before making a decision on a weight loss supplement are:

  1. $$$ - How much is it, and are the ingredients priced fairly?
  2. Sustainable? - Does it require cycling or can you take it repeatedly? How long can you take it for, and does it require any special instructions such as increasing or decreasing dosage?
  3. Ingredients - Are there any stimulants or harsh additives? Is what’s inside safe and easy to take?
  4. Results - What do consumers have to say about its effects is it reliable for weight loss?

Because Sletrokor ranked favorably in all the above categories it was considered the best weight loss supplement reviewed thus far. To help you further understand why it was billed as the #1 best, this review explains the basics behind Sletrokor.

What are the Ingredients?

Gymnema Sylvestre: A tropical herb renowned for its ability to prevent the sweet receptors which pick up on the taste sensations sugary foods offer. It performs other benefits including aiding digestion, getting rid of water weight, and regulating blood sugar.

Further examination by trusted clinical studies performed at the University of Kalyani revealed that it helped:

“Have significant anti-cancer effects… antidiabetic effect”

These multiple benefits make it a potent weight loss ingredient.

Cider Vinegar: Acidic vinegar that is made by with apple cider or apple must. The active chemicals within it are polyphenols or potent antioxidants that can support the immune system. This also can help control blood sugar.

Chitosan: Fiber taken directly from the outer lining of shells from seafood including shrimp, crab, and squid, to name a few. Studies have been performed to help determine what possible effects this can have on obese people who needed to lower both triglycerides and cholesterol.

After a review by the San Antonio Health and Medical Research Center revealed it could:

“Facilitate the depletion of excess bod fat”

Chitosan showed great potential as a weight loss ingredient.

Legume Protein Concentrate: Though typically high in carbohydrates, legumes, can come from different sources including beans, lentils, peanuts, alfalfa, and many other foods. As a protein source Legume Protein Concentrate can support stable blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol.

What’s the Dosage Strength?

Proprietary Blend 1,500 mg

At 1,500 mg per every 2 capsule servings taken at bedtime, you’re receiving a large amount of ingredients. Night time formulas are great because you get time for your body to fully metabolize each ingredient, thereby increasing its effects. No stimulants are added either so it won’t disturb your sleep cycles.

Companies will often mix ingredients in a proprietary blend in order to help ensure that their formula is not copied and diluted.

2 key important things stand out about the quality and it’s the use of a 50% Garcinia Cambogia extract, and Aloe Vera with a 200:1 extract. The 50% extract is ideal as smaller amounts are much less effective for weight loss.

The ratio of 200: 1 is the most pure version of Aloe Vera available, and it means that for every 200 kg of dry Aloe Vera used, there is 1 kg of dry extract. Overall when the ingredients are combined together it helps support weight loss in many different ways. The potency of it all is high so it makes it easier to rely on as a functional weight loss supplement.

What do Consumers have to say about it?

The testimonials on the official Sletrokor website are impressive and looking at the before and after photos shows just how much weight people lost. One user lost 22 pounds in a 6 week period.

Reviews from other 3 rd party websites have also been positive. One consumer on Amazon lost a pound every other day alongside regular exercise. There were similar impressive reviews offered by consumers who lost a lot of weight without any difficulty or side effects.

In the beginning at the review we looked at important criteria to look for in a weight loss supplement. Here is a breakdown showing how Sletrokor ranks:

  1. $$$ - The potency and array of ingredients make it a great deal, and you can also get up to a 40% discount on multiple bottle purchases. Special deals are offered at $35.99 per bottle which is a very low price when you factor in what’s added to it.
  2. Sustainable? – You can use this long-term and there is no need for cycling, nor are there any stimulants or harsh additives. So it’s possible to use it daily for helpful support to maintain weight loss.
  3. Ingredients - You get only natural ingredients, all of which are studied and some of which have been used historically for their ability to support weight loss. No stimulants or artificial ingredients of any kind are used; instead the entire formula is natural and likely safe to use.
  4. Results - Customers had amazing weight loss progress. There are some testimonials on the official website from people who lost a ton of weight with relative ease, just simple dieting and exercise. There were also satisfied customers from multiple 3 rd party sites who also experienced benefits.

Sletrokor was better than the competition for many reasons; it has a balanced formula of herbs which have been studied in 3 rd party reviews as safe and effective ingredients. Customers also had a lot of good things to say about it, and they experienced many of the benefits outlined on the official website. All due to all these reasons it was ranked as the best weight loss supplement of the year.

Take the time to check out the official Sletrokor website to learn more about the specifics on how it can support weight loss.

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